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Personal Trainers


Our personal training is just that: personal.

Overseen by a certified Exercise Physiologist, you can work one on one, with a friend, or even in small groups to reach your goals faster and more effectively.

All clients begin with a free consultation and assessment where we will work with you to create a successful and affordable plan to reach your goals.

See what our clients have to say about our personal training below.

Robert - 62, retired
"In the first month I worked with my trainer, I lost 7 pounds and very quickly began feeling a lot better. I'm stronger and in better shape now than I was 20 years ago."

Becky - 38, works full time and full time mom
"I love running, but started getting an issue with my hip that was keeping me from running like I wanted. My trainer worked with me to fix it, and I'm now back to running pain free!"

Stephanie - 24, getting married
"I got a trainer at FitOne to help me get in shape for my wedding which was in a few months. I felt as confident walking down the isle as I hoped I would! :) "

Linda - 67, just retired
"I was always active at my job, but I knew I needed to join a gym to make sure I could stay healthy now that I'm retired. I worked with my trainer for a couple months to get comfortable working out in the gym, and now I'm coming in on my own and know I'm doing the right things."

Cory - 44, limitations
"Personal training at Fit One Gym helped me discover that I was not working out to my full potential on my own.  Their professional trainer helped me realize my strengths and allowed me to reach my full potential while at the same time teaching me skills in fitness that I will utilize for life."

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