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Group Classes

A wide variety of group exercise programs are offered daily. Relieve your stress while your children are entertained in our childcare area. Below are just SOME of the classes you can enjoy at FIT ONE. Download our current class schedule below to see all available classes!

Barre365    This class is a true cardio and ballet inspired workout where each movement is specifically choreographed to the music. Each body-sculpting, fat-burning exercise uses the ballet barre, mats or some light weights.

Strength With Steeve    A weight and resistance training class that helps shape your body using dumbbells, barbells, and YOU.
This class does not include any cardio

Arms & Abs   A class focusing on the abdominals, and Arms. A variety of exercises are used to target the muscles in these areas with the intent to tone and strengthen.

Total Spin / Spin   A virtual reality bike ride encompassing an all over body and cardiovascular workout.

Pilates  This mat  class is designed to improve flexibility and strength in a non-impact, balanced system of body control. Core strengthening and conditioning are also an integral part of this class

On the Move Senior  Get up & go with an aerobics class incorporating dance, some weights, and lots of movement. Dianne always makes sure to switch it up!

SilverSneakers® Classic  Enjoy a variety of exercises while moving to music in this chair based program. . Activities include exercise using   hand-  held weights, elastic tubing and balls plus learning to stretch and relax.

Cardio Burn  This is a strength and cardio exercise along with abdominal exercises for a full body workout.

Turbo Kick®  Fun, fast and easy fat-blasting moves that work every part of your body with phenomenal focus on fabulous abdominals without ever hitting the floor.

Zumba® Ditch the workout—join the party! Enjoy crazy fun dance aerobics to Latin music. Try it once and you’ll be hooked.

Zumba® Gold  Low impact active adult class, dancing to the Oldies, Latin and even several line dances. Come join the fun      

Yoga Sculpt is a total body workout for ALL fitness levels.  Classes are designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group by combining Vinyasa- style yoga flow and long-held strength-building poses. 

Yoga Flow   This class tend to be more vigorous and aerobic, but  is open to all levels and consists of a continuous series poses linked together with breath. We use to build strength, along with floor postures to encourage flexibility

Tabata  Each exercise lasts only four minutes, but it's likely to be one of the longest four minutes you've ever endured.  The structure of the program is as follows: Work out hard for 20 sec, Rest for 10.

Cardio/weight Extravaganza   Hight intense cardio with a strong emphasis on weight training.

Lunch Time Express  Only have an hour for lunch? Come exercise with a high energy 45 minute class.


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